Monday, May 11, 2009


Does dry shampoo really work?

Well, I can CERTAINLY say that this one does! Batiste's dry shampoo range, contains 3 scents (original, tropical and blush), and as stated above I purchased this product for around $6, and it is wonderful! It detangles, smoothes, and returns my hair to its natural state! Dead straight, and silky soft!

All you do is spray 30cm away from the hair, and leave to soak in for a few minutes, then make sure to brush it out, otherwise you will have a think layer of powder in your hair. It works straight away and is definitely a good buy!

8.5/10 for the wonderful product, that truly works! The smell is quite nice as well, similar to MUM deodorant, a slightly musky 'grandma' scent.

Now most of us would have heard of Red Door, on of EA's most popular scents, but quite a few people have NOT heard of Love That Red, by Revlon. In my opinion these to scents are EXACTLY the same. Yes, they have a similar name, and yes the bottles look quite similar. 

Red Door retails for around $20/100mL
Love That Red retails for around $10/75mL

Although everyone seems to just *adore* the scent of Red Door, they are unhappy with carrying around the clunky 100mL bottle around in their purse. Love That Red comes in this cute little cylinder bottle, with a gold lid, which fits snuggly in quite a few handbags [NOTE-The LTR pictured above, isn't the tube I'm referring to, bur if you go to priceline, you will most likely see the bottle I am talking about]

I do love my Red Door. Its such a mature, sophisticated scent, while I think the Love That Red has just the slightest touch of innocence intertwined within the bottle. I recently picked up the 100mL Red Door for a mere $14 for my mum, and a 75mL Love That Red for a crazy $3.99!! Apparently the spray didn't work properly, but I got it working! 

So here are my ratings:

Packaging -> 8/10 -> Not bad, but it is a classic
Scent -> 9/10 -> Like the packaging, its such a classic, sophisticated scent. So versatile, perfect for work, or for a night out!
Overall -> 9/10 -> Such a sweet scent, I don't think this will ever go out of fashion!

Packaging -> 9/10 -> I love it heaps more than the original red door! So much classier!
Scent -> 8.5/10 -> Extremely similar to Red Door, but fades slightly quicker
Overall -> 9/10 -> The packaging was so mature, while the scent is similar to an old favourite!

ELES Mineral Makeup

ELES Mineral Makeup -> Smokey Eye Pack

This cute little retails for $98 (yes, it does appear to be a hefty amount of money for such few items, but hte quality is INCREDIBLE)

The kit includes one of their mineral eyeshadows in Titanium, the most versatile, perfect colour for a smokey eye! It's not a complete black, but more of a dark grey, with a slight hint of blue and purple, with an incredible amount of refined shimmer, which looks really subtle (yet buildable) on the lid, or in the crease.

It also contains their famous Super Lash Mascara (in black). Let me tell you, this is the ONLY black mascara I have, and will continue to buy time and time again. The brush is extremely soft, and packed with lots of bristles to coat lashes up and away, while defining and non-clumping them, curling them, and making them bolder! Such a good investment, and the packaging is super chic too. 

And what smokey eye would be complete without a good liner? The ELES smokey eye pack contains one of their automatic eyeliners in ONYX. This is such a wonderful liner, that doesn't need to be sharpened, and goes onto the waterline and lash-line easily, and effectively. The colour lasts all day, and it doesn't smudge.

All these items come packed in a modern black quilted makeup bag with ELES in silver writing stitched on. Such a wonderful addition to the kit, this bag is so versatile, and is one of my favourite makeup cases. It's big enough to fit everything I need, and small enough to fit into your bag!

I'm extremely happy with the kit, although the price IS a bit outrageous, I know I'm treating myself to some mineral products, which actually can improve the appearance of my eye are, by conditioning them. 

Here are my ratings:

E/S [titanium] -> Excellent colour, with easy build up -> 10/10
E/L [onyx] -> Wonderful product, which lasts all day -> 9/10
Mascara [black] -> Will never go back! Better than MAC, and all the rest! -> 100/10
Makeup Kit -> A cute little addition to the kit -> 10/10

OVERALL KIT -> 10/10

Well worth your money! Try out some of the ELES products! They are FAB-U-LOUS!

Here's the site -> 



The MDMM retails for $21.45 while the AMM retails for $14.95
Both foundations are designed to give a silky soft, matte powder finish, without emphasising blemishes and skin imperfections. 

In my opinion, the Australis one is well worth it! Its quite a few dollars less, and does the exact same job, so I see no point in purchasing the MDMM, even though it is a 'global' phenomenon. 

After buying the MDMM and being amazed at what it could acheive, I thought I'd give the Australis one a go. Let me just say that this does the trick just as well, if not better. Both can be doubled as a concealer and eye primer (comparable to Urban Decay's Primer Potion). 

Easy application, with just your fingers or a sponge (but if you really WANT to get technical, a normal foundation brush like MAC's 190/191 will do fine)

Here are the ratings:

Packaging -> 9/10
Product -> 9/10
Overall -> 9/10

An excellent drugstore foundation, for a REALLY good price. The packaging is sleek and modern, while the actual product provides good coverage, and lasts a long time.

Packaging ->8.5/10
Product -> 9.5/10
Overall -> 9/10

A wonderful foundation, for an EVEN BETTER price! The packaging is practically an exact dupe for the MDMM, and the product gives even coverage, and blends perfectly!

[Keep in mind that these are all my opinions, and if you should have any further questions, please ask me, and if you think differently to the above review, please comment, because I'd like to hear of what you think of the product. Just because I love these products, it doesn't mean you will. These are both highly popular foundations, and once again, this is just my point of view!]


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