Monday, May 11, 2009


Now most of us would have heard of Red Door, on of EA's most popular scents, but quite a few people have NOT heard of Love That Red, by Revlon. In my opinion these to scents are EXACTLY the same. Yes, they have a similar name, and yes the bottles look quite similar. 

Red Door retails for around $20/100mL
Love That Red retails for around $10/75mL

Although everyone seems to just *adore* the scent of Red Door, they are unhappy with carrying around the clunky 100mL bottle around in their purse. Love That Red comes in this cute little cylinder bottle, with a gold lid, which fits snuggly in quite a few handbags [NOTE-The LTR pictured above, isn't the tube I'm referring to, bur if you go to priceline, you will most likely see the bottle I am talking about]

I do love my Red Door. Its such a mature, sophisticated scent, while I think the Love That Red has just the slightest touch of innocence intertwined within the bottle. I recently picked up the 100mL Red Door for a mere $14 for my mum, and a 75mL Love That Red for a crazy $3.99!! Apparently the spray didn't work properly, but I got it working! 

So here are my ratings:

Packaging -> 8/10 -> Not bad, but it is a classic
Scent -> 9/10 -> Like the packaging, its such a classic, sophisticated scent. So versatile, perfect for work, or for a night out!
Overall -> 9/10 -> Such a sweet scent, I don't think this will ever go out of fashion!

Packaging -> 9/10 -> I love it heaps more than the original red door! So much classier!
Scent -> 8.5/10 -> Extremely similar to Red Door, but fades slightly quicker
Overall -> 9/10 -> The packaging was so mature, while the scent is similar to an old favourite!

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